Brian Rushing

NPI Registration Record

Provider / OrganizationNPIDate Certified
BRIAN RUSHING18914207902022-11-19

Brian Rushing is registered with the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System and has been issued an National Provider Identifier (NPI) of 1891420790. Registration indicates Brian Rushing is a provider of services with a specialization in Nursing Service Providers, Registered Nurse (Registered Nurse, ) (All Other Specialties & Provider Types, ) (Registered Nurse, Nursing Service Providers)

Entity TypeIndividual
Provider Name Brian Rushing RN
Practice Office Address1 TAMPA GENERAL CIR
Practice Office Telephone8133181111
Mailing Address1 TAMPA GENERAL CIR
TAMPA, FL 336063571 US
Business Telephone8133181111
Offices / Locations
AddressCity / StatePhone / Fax
2527 Bayside Pointe Ln Clearwater, FL 337632160 8133181111
HPT Codes
License No
163W00000X PRIMARY
Nursing Service Providers
Registered Nurse
Registered Nurse

All Other Specialties & Provider Types

Registered Nurse
Nursing Service Providers
OPI Codes
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