Andrea M Evans

NPI Registration Record

Provider / OrganizationNPIDate Certified
ANDREA M EVANS17500298312022-11-19

Andrea M Evans is registered with the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System and has been issued an National Provider Identifier (NPI) of 1750029831. Registration indicates Andrea M Evans is a provider of access to substance use disorder providers services with a specialization in Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers, Counselor (Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers, Counselor) (Counselor: Addiction (Substance Use Disorder),, ) (Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse/Psychiatry, ) (Counselor Addiction Substance Use Disorder, Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers) (Counselor, )

Entity TypeIndividual
Provider Name Andrea M Evans LCASA
Practice Office Address11020 S TRYON ST STE 408
Practice Office Telephone9802361660
Mailing Address8322 COUNTRY OAKS RD
CHARLOTTE, NC 282275936 US
Business Telephone9803459997
HPT Codes
License No
101YA0400X PRIMARYAccess to Substance Use Disorder Providers
Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers
Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers
Counselor: Addiction (Substance Use Disorder),

Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse/Psychiatry

Counselor Addiction Substance Use Disorder
Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers
OPI Codes
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