Stephanie Michelle Reed

NPI Registration Record

Provider / OrganizationNPIDate Certified
STEPHANIE MICHELLE REED16498470472021-06-05

Stephanie Michelle Reed is registered with the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System and has been issued an National Provider Identifier (NPI) of 1649847047. Registration indicates Stephanie Michelle Reed is a provider of services with a specialization in Nursing Service Related Providers, Home Health Aide (Home Health Aide, ) (Home Health Aide, Nursing Service Related Providers)

Entity TypeIndividual
Provider NameMrs. Stephanie Michelle Reed
Practice Office Address1825 S 8TH ST APT D
Practice Office Telephone3145461695
Mailing Address1825 S 8TH ST APT D
SAINT LOUIS, MO 631044066 US
Business Telephone3145461695
Contact Endpoints
Direct Messaging Address [][email protected]
Direct Messaging Address [][email protected]Health Information Exchange (HIE)
HPT Codes
License No
374U00000X PRIMARY
Nursing Service Related Providers
Home Health Aide
Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide
Nursing Service Related Providers
OPI Codes

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