Nichole M Zafke

NPI Registration Record

Provider / OrganizationNPIDate Certified
NICHOLE M ZAFKE15884419842023-09-11

Nichole M Zafke is registered with the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System and has been issued an National Provider Identifier (NPI) of 1588441984. Registration indicates Nichole M Zafke is a provider of services with a specialization in Other Service Providers, Case Manager/Care Coordinator (Case Manager/Care Coordinator, ) (All Other Specialties & Provider Types, ) (Case Manager/Care Coordinator, Other Service Providers)

Entity TypeIndividual
Provider Name Nichole M Zafke
Practice Office Address1463 I94 BUSINESS LOOP E
Practice Office Telephone7012277500
Mailing Address1463 I94 BUSINESS LOOP E
DICKINSON, ND 586016434 US
Business Telephone7012277500
HPT Codes
License No
171M00000X PRIMARY
Other Service Providers
Case Manager/Care Coordinator
Case Manager/Care Coordinator

All Other Specialties & Provider Types

Case Manager/Care Coordinator
Other Service Providers
OPI Codes
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